Five Reasons to Introduce a Smart City App to Your City



In an era that is marked by rapid technological advancements, we have a simple choice. We can either resist technology, shying away from new developments or we can embrace the transformational potential that technology brings.

One of our favorite kinds of apps here at Lithios are apps built for Smart Cities. These apps can be tools that utilize IoT enabled sensors, data analytics and AI to improve city management, incorporate sustainable development, and enhance quality of life for citizens. Cities that have adopted smart city technology have been able to shift the way in which their citizens, visitors and businesses interact with each other and the world around them. 

With more and more cities adopting smart city technology, let’s dive into five reasons why embracing technology and introducing a smart city application in your city is the gateway to an even brighter future.

  1. Showcase What Your City Has to Offer: Picture yourself walking down the streets of your city equipped with a digital map marking all the hidden gems waiting to be explored. This is precisely what a smart city app can offer. The lively markets, peaceful parks, charming cafes, and vibrant cultural spots that give your city its distinctive character can be discovered with the click of a button. Whether you're a tourist, resident, or business owner, this interactive guide lets you easily navigate the city's offerings and save your favorites!

  2. Increase Citizen Engagement: With easy access to community forums, event calendars and local business promotions, a smart city app can help spark conversations, collaborations and connection with fellow citizens and ongoings of the community, promoting a deeper sense of belonging. A smart city app can also bridge the gap between administrators and citizens, leaving citizens more informed, engaged and empowered in shaping the city’s future.

  3. A Seamless Utility Bill Experience: A smart city app can be optimized to consolidate water, power, and internet bills into a single platform (City of Wilson, we’re looking at you!). This convenience relieves the hassle of managing multiple payments and also highlights energy usage patterns, suggesting individualized ways to minimize waste and preserve resources.

  4. Reimagining Public Transportation: The real-time schedules, traffic alerts, and multi-modal navigation options that can be accessed via a smart city app ensure everyone reaches their destination safely and hassle-free. Whether you’re exploring via bus, train, or bike-sharing service, a smart city app can transform the journey into a smooth, interconnected experience.

  5. Continuous Innovation and Improvement: Software is dynamic, ever-evolving, and uniquely transformative. Through integrating smart sensors to monitor air quality, utilizing machine learning for predictive maintenance, or providing a virtual meeting point for citizens, the smart city app becomes a hub for continuous ideation and improvement. A smart city application is a dynamic platform that can readily adapt to the changing needs of a city and its citizens.

We live in an era where progress is propelled by technology, and a smart city application stands as a beacon of transformation. It's a glimpse into a world where convenience meets connection and where citizens are active participants in shaping their urban landscape. By showcasing a city's gems, enhancing citizen engagement, simplifying utility payments, reimagining public transportation, and fostering software advancements, the smart city application readily demonstrates the true power of innovation in urban living. The journey to smarter cities has just begun, and it's guaranteed to bring some exciting changes.

Speaking of exciting… One of Lithios’ clients recently won a Smart50 award for their new smart city application! Morrisville released its new mobile application, Morrisville Central, in Spring 2023. The app provides information about local events and meetings, allows residents to quickly report concerns, book free rides on the Morrisville Smart Shuttle, get emergency notifications, and more.

Read what Rick Ralph, Chief Information Officer at the Town of Morrisville has to say about their new smart city application:
“Our app, Morrisville Central, has been officially released and recently recognized at the Smart Cities Connect Conference in Denver, CO, as a Smart50 Award Winning mobile application. From viewing free community events, an interactive map of Town facilities, to reporting concerns around the town, Morrisville Central is the go to hub of information for the community. The next phase is currently in development and will include several highly requested features from the community.” 

We love to conceptualize and create new materials to showcase our past client work. Currently we are creating a landing page to illustrate our work with cities eager to introduce a smart city application. This landing page will highlight the Town of Morrisville, the City of Wilson, and other software development projects we have launched that support the evolution of smart cities.

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