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The City of Wilson's Citizen Portal is a custom web application built to aggregate utility services into one simplified user experience. By unifying all systems into one central location, Lithios has developed a software solution for Wilson citizens to monitor their water, power, and internet usage and pay bills. For the city the platform allows administrators to better manage issues, track customer data and provide a more cohesive solution for their citizens.


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The Challenge

Before the development of the Citizen Portal, Wilson citizens had to manage multiple accounts on different websites to pay their utility and internet bills. The Lithios team was tasked with finding a way for Wilson citizens to integrate their utility services into one streamlined online experience.

Integrated Utility Platform

Through the portal, citizens can monitor their monthly usage, compare usage to temperature/average utility outputs, specify varying payment methods and see reports of usage. Administrators have access to advanced tools to sign users up with utility accounts, troubleshoot utility account issues, communicate directly with citizens and other utility related features and functionality.

Why Lithios?

Through this engagement, Lithios designed and developed a mobile responsive web application for citizens of Wilson to manage their utilities and pay bills. The City of Wilson is poised to scale, and with the Citizen Portal in their toolkit, they can empower their citizens to better understand their utility habits and digitally handle payment and processing details.

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