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The Navigator is a web platform created by Lithios which connects teachers and businesses for enhanced learning opportunities for students. With this platform, teachers have direct access to events, seminars and resources from businesses to help enrich classroom and real-world learning for their students. The Navigator bridges the gap between educators and businesses wanting to play a bigger part in student learning.


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The Challenge

Lithios was challenged with taking the existing Navigator platform and modernizing the outdated design to a newer, comprehensive online experience. This project centered around creating a cohesive and streamlined experience for teachers and businesses through an intuitive and clean UI.

Custom Resources

Lithios designed and built a single platform for four different user types. The teacher platform allows teachers to book and manage resources; the business platform allows businesses to create and post opportunities available for teachers; the super admin platform allows for management and approval of teachers, businesses and all content; and the public facing platform allows users to browse available resources without needing an account.

One of the key features of this platform is the ability to allow teachers to request specific learning opportunities. As teachers using this platform are looking for resources to enhance their teaching and classroom experiences, Lithios designed a way for teachers to request custom resources if they are unable to find one relevant to them. This brought about a new opportunity for teachers to obtain more curated content for their specific needs. As these requests are publicly displayed within the platform, any company can fill the request. This feature allows for teachers to have more control of the resources they need and manage them all in one place.

Why Lithios?

The Lithios-powered Navigator application was built as a mobile responsive web platform. Lithios worked hand-in-hand with NCBCE to integrate the application with existing education platforms and positioned the organization to scale the product with teachers across the state. To date there are tens of thousands of resources and teachers utilizing the platform to further the education of NC students.

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