We Build
Healthcare Apps

Lithios is a software design and development agency with a mission to build the best iOS, Android, and Web experiences on the market. We believe in building healthcare software right - the first time.

A Few of Our Trusted Healthcare Partners

We Know Healthcare

Lithios has been designing and developing unrivaled
healthcare applications since our inception in 2014.

We have a deep understanding of the many facets of healthcare From wound-healing tracking, HCP specialist staffing, and healthcare training and education, all the way to HIPAA-compliance. Our team can provide you with a FDA submission-ready mobile or web application just as soon as you say “go”.

Why Build a Healthcare App?

Disseminate critical information like Triad Healthcare Network
Track wound healing progression like SiOxMed
Connect healthcare professionals to job opportunities like PerfusionLife
Track mood and other indicators of mental health like Bayer
Display the location of healthcare specialists and track your
healthcare training like staySANE
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we can help you build your healthcare application.

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