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Intel is addressing critical steps of the drone workflow to accelerate the path from collecting data to determining actionable insights. Lithios designed the User Interface for a data visualization and diagnostics platform that processes drone image data and analyzes it in the cloud.




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The Challenge

SiOxMed realized that there was no easy or accurate way for patients to track the healing progression of their wounds, so the team approached Lithios to assist in developing an application that could solve this problem.

Unique Features

Our solution was to implement an easy-to-use image overlay feature and calendar tracking system that is utilized by both patients and treatment providers. The SiOxMed software provides a clear visual of patient wound progression over time and lets providers engage directly with patients through their healing journey.

Why Lithios?

The Lithios team designed and developed a unique application on iOS, Android and Web for SiOxMed to empower patients to collect the wound data they need to receive top-notch medical care. SiOxMed, a growth stage startup, is now leveraging this scalable software product alongside its proprietary medical device to monitor and support patient wound healing in upcoming clinical trials.

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