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The Lithios Software Development Process — In A Nutshell

Here at Lithios, we make sure to deliver maximum benefits to our clients in each stage of our process, which is why we’ve taken great care in perfecting it. Our current process includes leading our clients through the phases of Discovery, Design and Development — all a part of the standard software development life cycle — while taking a tailored approach to meet these clients where they are in each of their businesses. When our clients first approach us with an app idea, we do our due diligence to obtain all the information we require for a successful Discovery phase before we get started with the more costly phases of Design and Development. Starting out with Discovery is the first step we take to ensure that our vision for the product is aligned with our client’s, and clear communication from the beginning guarantees there are no unwanted surprises for either collaborating party. The Discovery phase of our process acts as the strong foundation of any web or mobile application. Only when we have a good foundation in place can we take the strategic steps needed in building an app that stands well on its own.

Why is it important to follow a process?

Our process has been created through hundreds of client engagements and years of practice. As times change, we aim to improve our procedures to better serve the needs of our clients. Since Lithios started in 2014, there have been times when clients have approached us with convincing reasons why parts of our process may not be applicable to them. They had quickly approaching deadlines, semi-completed designs in-hand, or a portion of their application already developed. With the intention of being accommodating, we decided to skip steps, resulting in our team making assumptions about the product. Our assumptions caused confusion, which led to delayed deliverables, which then escalated into higher costs and pushed back launch dates. As you might guess, occurrences like this are less than ideal for everyone involved. After a few cases of changing our methods, we came to understand the importance of maintaining a high-quality process to better facilitate the work we are doing with our clients. We are a team who makes it our mission to build products right, the first time. This doesn’t happen by chance, but through leveraging tried-and-true practices.

The Lithios Mobile App Roadmap -- A tool for you!

The phases we lead our clients through are established and well-loved by the Lithios team because, frankly, they work. We’re thrilled to say that as a result, clients come back to work with us time and time again. We are a company who prides ourselves not only on a great experience for our clients, but also on transparency and education for anyone who comes our way. To better serve our clients’, and your needs, we have put together The Lithios Mobile App Roadmap which outlines a reliable series of steps that should be implemented in the creation of any software application, thus giving you more control over the outcome of your final product.

Take Success Into Your Own Hands

Whether you’re ready to become an entrepreneur, already at a great company, or somewhere in between, we’ve created The Lithios Mobile App Roadmap so that you know which steps are necessary to launch a fantastic mobile application. This Roadmap is a completely free resource, and with already over 100 downloads at the time this blog was written, it will serve as your personal guide to everything you need to know about creating a mobile app, from initial Market Research and Competitive Analysis to a UI Styleguide, App Architecture, Marketing Websites and more.

What you’ll find is that there are upfront steps that you can (and likely will) take on your own, and that these initial steps are going to be crucial in the long-term viability of your application. You will also find that unless you have both design and development expertise, you’ll want an experienced team to help you through a good portion of the later steps. We understand that, especially as a new entrepreneur who may not be well-versed in all things technology, these processes may feel daunting at first, which is exactly why we are offering The Lithios Mobile App Roadmap. With our roadmap as your resource, you will go into conversations with software development companies well-prepared with the terminology and knowledge of how to reach success, regardless of which company you approach.

Great Process + Great Execution = A Great Product

It’s important to note that it’s not only a great process that equals success, but also great execution, and it’s up to you to take action and guide the direction of your product. By thoroughly educating yourself and following the steps we’ve outlined for you in the Lithios Mobile App roadmap, you’ll be well-equipped on how to take action to launch your mobile application.

So, are you ready to learn what it takes to launch a great mobile application? What are you waiting for? Download the Lithios Mobile App Roadmap here!

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