Q1 2023 Recap



Q1 Recap + an exciting announcement!
Curious to know what Lithios has been up to lately?

Our Q1 in a nutshell: 

​​In addition to finalizing touches to our new Lithios website, our team has been working diligently on a number of new Discovery, Design and Development engagements, and we are especially pleased with the amount of clients who have signed on for our Support Retainers!

What's a Support Retainer?

Once we have developed and launched a mobile or web application, Lithios offers ongoing support services to support product growth, execute optimizations, and guide the next phase of the product development process.

Monthly Lithi-Lunch | April 2023

Speaking of Lunch...

Lithios VP of Operations, Kyle Linton, will be presenting "How to Build Smart City Apps to Engage Citizens" for RIoT's Lunch and Learn Series! 

How to Build Smart City Apps to Engage Citizens Abstract: 
"City governments must support basic infrastructure, engage with citizens and provide key services. Cities are getting smarter about the way they leverage sensors and software to provide the best experiences for their citizens. In this talk we will discuss how cities are developing award-winning software applications and outline future opportunities for cities for innovate."

The presentation is a virtual event and will take place on Wednesday, May 10th from 1-2pm. Register for the event here.

Lithios's App Built for the Town of Morrisville Wins an Award!

Lithios has been in partnership with theTown of Morrisville since 2020 bringing their Smart City initiative, "Smart Morrisville" to life by designing and building the Morrisville Central mobile application. The Town of Morrisville won TWO 2023 Smart City awards, one for their Morrisville Central app, and another for their connected parks initiative.

"Morrisville’s connected parks initiative provides real-time data about local parks, including whether courts or fields are available for play, average temperature and precipitation, water levels, and historical information. The program makes it easier for residents to access local amenities and to make the right choices for their recreation. 

Morrisville will be releasing its new mobile application, Morrisville Central, in Spring 2023. The app will provide information about local events and meetings, allow residents to quickly report concerns, book free rides on the Morrisville Smart Shuttle, get emergency notifications, and more. 

'We are proud to be recognized with this award, and we are excited to continue bringing innovative ideas to the people of Morrisville, who make this one of the best places in the country to live, work and play,' said Rick Ralph, Chief Information Officer." See the full Town of Morrisville Website Announcement here.

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