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The era of spatial computing has arrived with Apple’s Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset which currently comes with a price tag of $3,499. The Vision Pro can transport you to mountaintops or sports arenas with its VR capabilities, but it can also act as an AR headset, where apps are no longer confined to the boundaries of a device, but can be placed and adjusted in your existing surroundings. These cutting-edge Native apps operate on the first spatial operating system, visionOS, marking a significant leap in the realm of augmented and virtual reality. 

Since the launch of Vision Pro in February 2024, Apple has revealed the introduction of 600 new apps designed exclusively for use on visionOS. This influx brings forth a multitude of uses that the world has only dreamed of. This article will delve into the top 10 Vision Pro uses, analyze the benefits for users, and discuss both the potential opportunities and pitfalls associated with this revolutionary new product.

1. Watching movies, TV shows, and sports

Imagine the feeling of watching an action movie, a nail-biting sports game, or your favorite TV show in an immersive 3D, theater-grade atmosphere, all within the comfort of your own home. The Vision Pro delivers this experience, transforming your at-home movie night into an unforgettable event.

Apple’s Vision Pro is partnered with Disney+ and Warner Bros Discovery’s Max. Streaming from Disney+ allows you to watch content in one of four different 3D environments. You can choose from the Disney+ theater, inspired by Hollywood’s classic El Capitan Theatre, or discover more unique environments, such as the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc., Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower, and Luke Skywalker’s land speeder on Tatooine. Additionally, you can buy or rent your favorite shows and movies from the Apple TV app.

When it comes to sports, the Apple Vision Pro takes watching your favorite team to a whole new ballpark. Watch MLB games and golf matches from fully immersive environments, and stream multiple NBA games at once, giving you the flexibility to glance at the scores and plays in real-time.

2. Playing games

Apple Vision Pro emerges as a literal gamechanger. With over 250 titles on Apple Arcade, users can access a wide variety of games, including fan favorites like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, Game Room, What The Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja.

Gamers no longer need physical controllers, as Vision Pro’s intuitive control system uses your eyes, hand movements, and voice recognition. The result? A truly interactive and immersive gaming experience. 

For gamers that still prefer physical controllers, Apple Vision Pro is compatible with popular brands, including PlayStation Dual Sense and the Xbox Wireless controller. Additionally, for classic games such as chess or checkers, you can superimpose gaming boards onto physical surfaces in your home and dual other users with the Apple Vision Pro headset.

3. e-Shopping

If you’re an online shopper, the Apple Vision Pro is your new shopping best friend. Leave the 2D scrolling behind and immerse yourself in a 3D environment that brings online shopping to a new level. With Vision Pro you can interact with items in a completely different way through the natural movements of your eyes, hands, and voice. 

Make your shopping decisions faster and with greater confidence by virtually trying on items to see how they look in real-time. Interact with your favorite stores and discover augmented views of different products. See a product’s review, materials, or style suggestions with just a glance of your eyes. 

For home shopping lovers and interior designers, you can place virtual furniture and décor into your physical environment, visualizing how these additions will look in your own home. This again helps speed up your decision process and minimizes the inconvenience of returning items.

4. Traveling

Have you ever dreamt of overlooking the Italian Riviera in Portofino, or witnessing the Lantern Festival in China? What about visiting the moon? With Vision Pro, traveling to destinations you’ve only imagined becomes a virtual reality. 

Of course, it’s not comparable to the real experience, but Vision Pro allows you to review your travel bucket list destinations like never before. Explore the neighborhood you want to stay in, find your morning café spot, and take a deep dive into your daily itinerary, all before actually booking your trip. 

Vision Pro gives you a taste of a destination without the hustle and bustle of traveling there. Experience the French Quarter in New Orleans, walk through Joshua National Park, and take your first virtual steps on the moon without even leaving your living room.

5. Viewing photos and videos

Immerse yourself in a journey through time by reliving your cherished memories with Vision Pro, Apple’s first 3D camera. View your photos and videos in high-quality and experience your special moments all over again. The panoramic display creates an expansive view, offering a fresh perspective on your photos.

Vision Pro’s high-resolution visuals and advanced sound system transport you into the heart of your videos, making it feel as though the moments are unfolding all around you. Whether it’s revisiting the proud moment of graduation, the laughter-filled night out with friends, or the heartwarming family get-together, the Vision Pro transforms the act of reliving significant experiences and watching home videos into a captivating new adventure.

6. Video calling

Video call your family and friends or take work calls like never before with the Vision Pro. This feature becomes incredibly immersive, marking a significant leap forward from traditional video calls. 

Begin by creating a digital avatar of yourself that seamlessly integrates into the headset’s view, appearing in a life-sized tile. These avatars can ominously resemble your actual face, mimicking your expressions, hand movements, and voice in real-time. While it may require a brief adjustment period to get accustomed to this novel form of video calling, this innovation undeniably turns FaceTime, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams into a further collaborative and engaging experience.

7. Providing educational experiences

Turn theoretical learning into practical applications with these educational uses. The Vision Pro can provide virtual simulations and 3D models of figures that otherwise may be hard to visualize. For example, you can create an expanded biological cell for students to examine or a virtual laboratory to conduct science experiments. 

Imagine walking through historical events in your history class, or going on a virtual field trip to a museum. The Vision Pro propels remote learning to unprecedented heights.  

Additionally, the Vision Pro creates a safe and simulated environment for medical training. Aspiring doctors or surgeons can view complex anatomical structures and medical equipment in 3D right in front of them, gaining valuable insights before entering a real-life operating room.

8. Practicing meditation and fitness

The immersive environments that the Vision Pro can cultivate are perfect for meditation and fitness apps. You can engage with personalized instructions based on your needs and preferences when it comes to your workout routine. 

Practice yoga poses on a beach, throw some punches in the boxing ring, or try Pilates in a chic studio. Additionally, mindfulness apps tailored for the Vision Pro offer beautifully designed experiences to aid in relaxation and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in a state of calmness and tranquility with the help of Vision Pro’s spatial soundscapes and nature-based environments.

9. House hunting

Searching for a new home can be like a full-time job. The Vision Pro helps you save time and resources by offering 3D virtual reality home tours. No need to take time off work to drive and visit a physical home. Now you can do it from your office desk.

Real estate apps, such as Zillow, have already started to incorporate this new home viewing experience. Walk through your future house and view interactive floor plans to get a full picture. Other features, such as providing furnishing previews and real-time modifications, add to your home buying experience.

10. Elevating healthcare experiences

Finally, the Vision Pro headset has the potential to transform our healthcare experiences. With its immersive settings, patients can now engage with doctors and healthcare providers from their own home. This is particularly useful for patients who are immobile or live in remote locations with less access to healthcare facilities. 

With its exceptional video and image quality, the Vision Pro can also support doctors with diagnoses and visualizations of specific health issues. Ultimately, the headset can help provide a holistic healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

Potential opportunities for developing applications

This new and revolutionary technology presents a multitude of opportunities for developing visionOS apps. While the Apple Vision Pro has a strong focus on productivity applications, there is a wide potential for apps to expand across multiple sectors. For example, tourism boards can transform their marketing materials from brochures to 3D virtual reality tours and experiences. Walking on the moon now becomes a life-like moment with Vision Pro. Why not expand that to other faucets of our universe, or beyond? The opportunities are limitless. 

Yet, with every new technology there are pitfalls. Several big-name companies, such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix have decided to wait before releasing their apps on Vision Pro. Although you can get around this by using the Safari app, the UX and UI do not compare to what the potential could be if these apps become available on visionOS. 

One might imagine that the Vision Pro could be a lonely environment, as it is a single headset and much to be seen in the way of syncing with other Vision Pros. To its credit, the Vision Pro does have some connectivity features; Share to Play is a FaceTime functionality which lets you sync a variety of media while on a FaceTime call, and Screen Mirroring allows for your headset display to be mirrored on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or AirPlay-compatible smart TV. 

There is a huge development opportunity here to be able to share what you’re seeing with others, and while the Vision Pro still has such opportunities ahead, it is unlike anything we’ve seen before and provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of mixed reality.

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