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While we’re very excited for all the things in store for the year ahead at our software development agency, we also wanted to stop and reflect on some of the wonderful things of the recent past. Please take a moment to enjoy some of the highlights of our 2023 at Lithios!

Over the past year at Lithios, we have...

Worked with 11 different companies in a variety of industries including:
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Wellness
  • Real Estate
Moved offices 1X
  • Our new address is: 
    Lithios, LLC
    509 W. North Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603

  • Posted 13 original blogs - Read our latest blogs here!
  • Hosted 10 monthly team lunches

Hosted 48 team happy hours, which involved:
  • 4 games of scribbl.io
  • 5 games of Geoguesser
  • 31 games of Rocket League
  • 8 games of Fall Guys

Attended our first international company retreat where we met one of our colleagues, Amado González Rodríguez, in person for the first time!

Lithi-Retreat in Cancun, Mexico | January 2024

Lithi-lunch @ Sosta in Raleigh | November 2023

New Client Spotlight: Teen Health Research

Teen Health Research out of NCSU approached Lithios to design and develop a new software application with the primary goal of facilitating communication about sexual and relationship health within families, specifically targeting parents and their 10-13 year old children. This application will encourage healthy, age-appropriate conversations and education. We have just finished up with Discovery and are about to launch into Design!

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Catch us at upcoming events in Raleigh! 

RIoT State of the Region - February 6th, 5-7pm | Raleigh Founded - North Street
Raleigh/Durham Startup Week - April 9-12
Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo - May 7-10 | Raleigh Convention Center

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